Scott Johnston

Scott Johnston

Give us a little background on where you hail from, where you currently live and the road you took to get there.

You know I was born in California but moved to the East Coast as a baby. I grew up in the suburbs of Maryland positioned between Baltimore and Washington DC. These two cities are where I became a street skater. Before that it was jump ramps in front of my buddies house. At 18 I moved to San Francisco where street skating was the best in my book. Mike Carroll, Henry Sanchez, Julien Stranger and Jovantae Turner just to mention a few. Years later I took a break from San Francisco and moved to New York for a short stent. The weather quickly chased me out since I still wanted to skate everyday.  LA was now the place that everybody was migrating to, all the SF dudes were heading that way. So, I too moved there with the idea I’d stay here for a year or so. 15 years later I’m still here and now in the suburbs of LA with my family.

How did you get to be the footwear designer over at Lakai?

I was really involved with the brand from the beginning. My pro model as a skater on the team was actually a shoe I drew up myself. I was always interested in design and as the years went on working on new models I would get more and more involved. When skating was nearing an end in my mind, I found a open seat waiting for me in the design office.

I think everyone knows the nickname “Scooch” who coined that moniker and where did it come from?

I’m not sure, I feel like scooter is a common Scott nickname and Scooch was a morph of that. I feel like Rick Howard might have given me that one.

Who exactly are the Sippy Cup All Stars?

My kids, or any of my buddies kids that wanna get down with the crew.

How did you hook up with the DQM family?

I’ve know Chris Keeffe since ‘94. He was living in San Francisco at the time with Huf. We all kicked it pretty hard and remained friends ‘til this day. Those guys are also a reason why I spent that time in New York. Over the years of going back and forth to New York I found myself choosing that as my meeting spot. DQM store always has good people working there that give a good vibe. Makes you feel comfortable there…

Whats next for Scooch?

Its a secret! Nah, I’m working on it… always brainstorming on what my next step in life will be.