Lee Smith

Lee Smith

What’s an average day like working at either The General down in SoHo or DQM on 3rd Street?

You know, the daily routine ride my bike over the bridge to work, open up and wait for the team to arrive and have a great day. It’s pretty simple. Working between the two stores is good because The General is super hectic and most of the time a madhouse. Working at 3rd street is more laid back, more mellow. So in a week, between the two locations I have the perfect balance work wise.

Why New York? Why now?

New York is New York. I won’t go over how amazing New York is, everybody knows. I grew up in SF, lived in LA for five years and Barcelona for 6 years. Those are all amazing cities, so naturally New York had to be included on that list. I love the other cities I’ve lived in, but I never felt settled in those places, I feel like NY is home and I’ll be here for a while, I’m quite content.

Why now?

Well the cards fell the way they did and everything led me here at this point in time, which worked out pretty well. It came about in a surprising and unexpected way, but you know what they say when one door closes another door opens.

Who are you skating with when it’s time to roll?

Lately I’ve just been skating with whoever comes into town, like the Cliché or Girl and Chocolate guys, or with the DQM crew whenever time allows. I went skating with Chris Keeffe and Gino Iannucci not too long ago, that was fun. Skating just seems to get more fun the older I get.

What differences do you see in skateboarding from the EMB days to now?

Well the obvious difference is money. In the EMB days there wasn’t really any money to be made in skateboarding. Pros got paid, but nothing like what they get paid nowadays. I don’t want to say it was more real then, but it was different, the mentality was different. Better in some ways and worse in others.

What’s the best part of working and riding for DQM?

Being a part of skateboarding still. Living in an amazing city. Being a part of one of the best skate scenes, and looking fly all at the same time.