Keith Denley

Keith Denley

How did you end up migrating from the quiet suburbs of Long Island to the city?

It was something I had wanted to do for a long time. Once I graduated high school, James (Buchmann), Jake (Johnson) and myself started looking for places to live. Our friend Jeremy (Cohan) who was filming the Chapman video told us about an opening on the ground floor of his apartment building on Hunter Street in Long Island City, Queens. We took it.

Who were some of your skateboarding inspirations growing up out in Long Island?

Obviously Gino and Pappalardo must be mentioned, but my biggest inspiration was the Alien/Habitat camp in between the Potosynthesis and Mosaic era. Those dudes were just untouchable to me. Dill, AVE, Pluhowski, Gall, Renaud, Tim O’Connor and Kalis, all of ‘em. I was also a gigantic Brian Wenning fan.

You’re usually never without a camera whether skating around the city or just cruising. What is your favorite camera these days?

Yeah, I try to bring a camera everywhere I go. My newest one, a Contax G2, is my favorite camera right now. My Yashica T4 is up there too, but it just broke a few weeks ago.

What are you up to when you’re not skillfully holding things down at DQM on the Bowery?

Usually trying to skate or out shooting. Tends to end up being both though.

Favorite items from 7-Eleven?

Water, Chobani yogurt (pineapple), and coffee. I don’t really mess with any of their “in-house” food.