Gino Iannucci

Gino Iannucci

First things first, how did you end up making the transition into the DQM family?

I was representing the brand Mighty Healthy for a few years and over time the direction of the brand and myself just were not a good match. I thought about what brands I respected and what would be a good fit for myself so I gave an old friend a call and we talked about my interest in what he was doing. This being DQM.

It seems like a lot of people from Long Island eventually make the move into the city, what has kept you from that? Do you spend any time in LA anymore?

I think I never made a move to the city because my first move out of Long Island back when I was out of high school was to California. So I spent around 7 years out west, which might have been during the time if I never did the West Coast thing, I might have been interested in trying NYC. Maybe not though. As of now I will occasionally make it out to Cali for a few weeks at a time, but not that often.

You have been one of the most influential innovators in skateboarding in terms of what is possible on a skateboard since the early 90’s, what do you think of the current state of progression in skateboarding and how it has grown over time?

I think the mentality of what can be done and what’s not as far fetched as we use to think has grown so much.

It’s pretty well know you’re a fan and avid player of tennis, what was it like to meet and shoot a commercial with tennis legend John McEnroe for Nike SB?

It was great to meet McEnroe! We didn’t even chat that much but to have a few words and take a few pics was just fine. Just knowing the amount of history in the tennis world and beyond associated with him as we were introduced was great.

What is on the horizon for Gino Iannucci?

The future is unwritten!