Dustin Eggeling

Dustin Eggeling

I’ve never been to Tampa. What was it like growing up out there? I’ve heard mixed reviews.

Tampa is ill! I can sum it up to sink or swim. If you know how to swim you’ll be alright. There is a live skate scene in Tampa, a lot of credit is due to skatepark of Tampa. Brian Schaefer and posse did a lot to put Tampa on the map. Big ups to SPoT for doing what y’all do. The night life is always live. YBOR is host to many amazing antics and memories. REZ, CZAR, The BRICKs are some places I would recommend checking out if your ever in Tampa. Ohh, and taco bus…bless it.

It seems like every Floridian skateboarder I know has lived in SF at one point or another. Why do you think this is?

I wondered the same thing, man. I’ve met more Floridians in SF than I have in Florida. The weather is buttery, it is super mellow and laid back.
Florida is flat, I was drawn to the hills. Bombing hills is one of the highest feelings You can have while riding a skateboard. SF will teach you how to ride a skateboard.

Besides skateboarding, you’re an avid golfer. What’s good with golf?

Golf is in my blood. My mother played on the LPGA for about 30 years, so I traveled with my mom all over the place growing up from tournament to tournament. That’s where I think I developed my interest to travel. my uncle is a golf teacher and my father is a very talented golfer that works in the golf industry. My dad cut me down a set of clubs when I was about 3 and I started swinging. I came to appreciate the game of golf more with time. It’s all about strategy, focus, feel, timing. I feel it benefits my skateboarding as well. Golf is like my meditation, super relaxing and stimulating.

Static 4! I think it’s safe to assume that the last three Static videos have had a tremendous influence on our generation of skateboarders. How does it feel to be a part of the “curtains” of the Static series?

Static IV! A huge influence no doubt. I started skateboarding around 2001 when carcass tossing and handrail chomping where at an all time high. When I saw Static it was a game changer. It is a blessing to be involved with any of Josh Stewart’s projects. A lot of passion, work, dedication, (and Starbucks) go into everything he does. I remember when I started skating you would wait a couple of years for a video. It would premier at your local shop, it would be super live. Everyone was hyped! You would buy a copy and watch it before you went to skate until another video came out. Nowadays the Internet landfill is growing at a terribly tremendous rate. Edits are born dead and forgotten about within 2 hours. It’s dope there are still a few individuals keeping the feeling alive. Big ups to skateboarding, nothing can compare.