Curtis Rapp

Curtis Rapp

New York isn’t the easiest city to live in, how do you make an income?

I work in a wood shop in Red Hook. We mainly make custom furniture and cabinetry. They let me use the shop in my free time for small side jobs to help make ends meet. I pick up freelance carpentry jobs as well, whatever works out really. New York is tough, and its not getting any easier but there’s always work if you’re motivated.

When you’re not building stuff full time or skating, you seem to be a bit of an outdoorsman. What are some of the best excursions you taken part in?

Well when I do have time to get out of NYC my typical get away is to head to the Adirondack Mountains. My family has a cabin on a river up there. Its pretty basic but we’ve been slowly working on it for the last 15 years, so it’s getting there. Rope swinging and fishing will get your mind right.  I’ve made a few trips in the last couple years to some remote islands off the coast of Puerto Rico and Hawaii where I found a new obsession of mine in spear fishing. I’m not very good at it, probably because my best spear has been a broom stick with an ice pick duck taped to it. We tied a piece of rubber to the other end to use as a firing mechanism, so the only fish I have speared was so poisonous that whales sometimes mistakenly eat it and die. Its good fun though, exploring the islands and ocean is crazy, the difference in wildlife and landforms from here to there really is mind blowing.

What’s your daily routine like on your days off?

First thing always, Iced coffee. Once I have that I usually try to start working on whatever. I’ll start building shit in my apartment or backyard, working on my car or just go to wood shop and tinker around. I can’t stop working. I’m a freak. It’s burned into my brain. My lady has been calming me down lately though, reminding me that days off should be for chilling. I’ve been practicing chilling. It’s hard. I skateboard too sometimes.

What are your favorite spots to skate in New York?

Most of my favorite spots have been temporary construction spots. There’s so much construction here that on any given day you could probably find something unique to skate that won’t be around tomorrow. The marble curb at Williamsburg Bridge Park is up there on my favorites as well.

Your skating for a new board company, Politic. How did that come about and what can we expect in the future from Mr. Rapp?

Well I think it started because the world wants more Steve Durrante and Brian Brown. And once they were down, it kind of just became official. They asked me to get on board and from there we picked up my boy Jason Spivey from Maryland. We’re all homies so it worked out naturally really. The Future? Politic video! I haven’t had a project to focus my energy on in a long time so it should be fun making that happen.