Brian Delatorre

Brian Delatorre

First off, where did you grow up and how did you end up living in New York City?

I grew up in a suburb of Miami Florida, called Kendall. I ended up moving here with my ex-girlfriend from San Francisco. But I’ve been coming back and forth for years. Always knew at some point in my life I wanted to live in Brooklyn.

How has daily life changed since you got on Habitat?

Well I don’t have much of a routine anymore. Was working at a coffee shop for a while and that pretty much was my schedule for two and a half years. Now I’m just skating almost everyday.

Besides being a great skateboarder and profound thinker what are some of your other talents and or interests?

My other interests are photography and music. I’m not that good at playing the guitar but it’s something I like to do in my off-time. Stefan lent me one of his electric guitars, so I’ve just been making noise the last couple weeks with that.

What are the perks of riding for and having a shop like DQM in the city?

A place to meet up with the homies. The product is always good. People who work there as well. It’s just good to have a skateshop like that where you live.

What can we expect from Dela in the near future? A signature stunt wood perhaps?

Hopefully traveling a lot, trying to get the fuck out of here for the Winter. And, yeah perhaps a signature stunt wood in the mix of all that. Got a lot work to do.