Brian Clarke

Brian Clarke

What was the skate scene like growing up in Long Island?

Long Island had a strong skate scene. We had a lot of amazing skateboarders from the area who I started looking up to early on, such as Chris Corso, Matt Bell, Anthony Pappalardo, and Gino Ianucci to name a few. Seeing footage of these guys skating in New York City in a way motivated me to take advantage of living only a train ride away. Being from the same town as Keith Denley, we both almost never missed a weekend of skating in the city throughout high school. As we got older, I think we slowly started associating ourselves with the bigger skate scene in the city rather than that on Long Island. This naturally progressed to us both moving to the city once we graduated high school.

What do you do besides skating?

I always try to have other things going on besides skateboarding. After high school I went straight to college to get my BA in History. Since graduating I spent a lot of my time working at a hotel in SoHo, however I recently decided to enroll in a course to become a certified EMT, which begins in April. I have always been interested in all types of careers involving emergency services, being my dad is retired New York City fire fighter, so recently most of my free time goes in to planning out how I can eventually work in that field.

Tell us about the failed plot to smash a bag of shit inside the parked car of a Dominoes delivery boy in Ohio.

Wow, well I must say I did not have anything to do with this plan, being I was always the one scared of getting in trouble. Back in 2005, Keith Denley, myself, and a few other friends decided to take a trip to the Rob Dyrdek Skate Plaza in Kettering, Ohio. On the beginning of this trip my friend Joey only had about 50 dollars to his name and quickly spent 40 of it on cigarettes, forgetting that he would eventually get hungry. Long story short we would have him do funny stuff for money. With 10 guys on the trip, for every stunt Joey pulled off, we would each give him a dollar, which essentially resulted in a full meal for him. This was taken too far when Keith realized the Domino’s guy at the hotel always walked the pizza up to the guests room, leaving his car door wide open each time. For a total of 9 dollars, Joey shit into an ice bag with the intentions of waiting in the bushes for the Domino’s guy to come deliver another pie, thus throwing the bag of shit all over the inside of this poor guys car while he was inside. Being the wimp in the group, I begged them not to do this, however specifically Joey and Keith were not hearing it. Luckily for the delivery boy, he spotted my friends patiently awaiting his arrival in the bushes, bag of shit in hand.  Keith and Joey aborted the plan, sparing the red velvet interior of this guys car.

Saw you had an appearance in the new Static 4 trailer. Whats up with that?

To be honest Josh has not told anyone very much about the video.  All I can guarantee is that it will be a great video and I cant wait to see it. Josh has done a very good job in keeping the official line up under wraps, so this video will be a surprise for even those who skate with him on a regular basis.