Aaron Herrington

Aaron Herrington

So, you’re from the Northwest. Where exactly did you grow up and how was the skate scene out there?

I grew up in Corvallis, Oregon a college town of a decent size. The skate scene revolved mostly around the local skatepark and skating the university. Portland has always had a strong scene and Eugene had a small one too.

You were out in SF for a bit. What prompted the move to NYC?

My friend Waylon and I came to NYC to visit one summer, then we returned the following summer. We went skating the first night and I tweaked my ankle pretty good and I’ve been here ever since. Ha!

Polar (in my opinion) is one of the best independent skate brands in the world. How did you end up becoming the only American rider on the team?

Polar was looking for someone in The States and Josh Stewart distributes their product in the USA. He showed them my footage and Pontus and the gang were psyched. They came to skate in NYC this summer and they’re all rad dudes and it’s been a wrap ever since.

Word around the streets is that you are going to have a section in Josh Stewart’s 4th final “Static” project. How did this come about?

Through Jeremy Elkin and Ryan Garshell. I had been filming with Jeremy for his video Poisonous Products and skating with Ryan G. and I guess they showed Josh some footage and he figured I’d make a good fit for the video. It’s going to be a dope video, very psyched to be apart of it all. Everyone has put in a lot of work for it.