World Cup: USA vs. England

June 13, 2010

“People used to accuse Scottish keepers? of being below par; this fucking clown rewrites the manual; what a hapless spastic; marvellous.”
-welshlogic via Youtube they’re pretending it didn’t happen, and it probably won’t matter for England in the long run of Group C, the Three Lions’ expected win was shut down by Uncle Sam’s Army late in the second half. Clint Dempsey’s shot and Robert Green’s massive fail lead to a 1-1 draw which looked much more like victory for USA when all predictions said we’d be beat. I’ll take it! The quick goal in the early minutes of the game by English captain Steven Gerrard looked like the beginning of a slow death, however, Tim Howard and the US defense decided that they don’t like to drink tea and eat crumpets. Robert Green, you’re lucky you don’t live in Columbia. You would have been killed for that. I had a nice laugh this morning, while I drank COFFEE and read the Times.

“They think this is a victory,” said Vic Collier from Derby. “The Americans are celebrating. Not only did FIFA make us drink Budweiser, their beer, but we also had to listen to them gloat at the end. Depressing is the only word I can use to sum this up.”

You’re damn right it’s a victory you wank vicker. Go USA!

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