World Cup: Home Early

June 28, 2010

Well, that’s all folks. After a miracle goal in stoppage time against Algeria to place us atop of Group C and advance to the knockout round, the dream run is over. Saturday’s defeat against Ghana means we will just have to wait another four years for a chance of winning the Cup.’s a little summary of the past two games just in case you missed them. We started out strong against Algeria and once again had a goal taken away from us early in the first half. The only optimistic way of looking at the string of blown calls against the USA this World Cup is that it was a conspiracy. That’s right. “Worldly” officials don’t want to believe that ignorant, obese Americans are actually good at any sport besides baseball, so they tried to hold us back at every chance. Well, look who finished first in our Group (cough cough), England, and unlike the Brits we didn’t get embarrassed in our last match. After the missed call we managed to shut out Algeria for what appeared to be a draw, until Landon Donovan scored off a rebound in the 91st minute sending us to the top of our Group.

However Saturday’s match against Ghana showed the USA’s flaws more than any other game this tournament. The USA’s inability to set the pace of any given match proved to be their downfall. Immediate goals in the first half as well as overtime against the USA made it a game of panic and catch up, which led to their defeat. It has though - between minor cardiac arrests - been a pleasure watching the USA team play in the 2010 World Cup. They grew as a team and got better with every game. Although their run is over, I’m still watching matches and enjoying the sport I love, and apparently so is the rest of New York City, which is a great thing to witness this summer. Keep your eyes on Argentina and the Netherlands to do wonders as the Cup continues. I’ll be rooting for the Netherlands.

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Dre wrote…

USA will not win the World Cup no time soon. they just aren’t that good

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