WNW Final Stage.

December 01, 2009

The final week of the WNW space was a busy one. Wheel building classes on Wednesday and Thursday, a visit from Tom Sachs on Friday, Bronx group ride Saturday afternoon and the closing party with No More Tears on Saturday night.

Tom Sachs and Casey Neistat came to discuss the ethics of stealing bikes. Casey played a film he had made earlier in the day explaining the two kind of bikes in the world… Somebody’s bike and Nobody’s bike.
After we argued the rights and wrongs about bike theft and liberating abandoned bikes, we took to the streets to see exactly what Tom and Casey were talking about.

Saturday I met my friend Mike Hernandez and about 40 other riders at WNW for a ride into the Bx. Bronx born, Mike ended up being the perfect host for our ride.

Mike showed us some of his old skate spots, but this one wasn’t around in his day.

We picked up some local Bronx riders.
We had a few mishaps… but everyone is fine.
After about 50 miles we made it back to WNW for the closing party. No More Tears, the best Sabbath cover band ever, shredded until the cops came.

Photos: Kyle Demers and Brian Derballa

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