Staff Picks: Keith Denley

January 27, 2012

Keith Denley is an articulate man of leisure. He is the first to speak the truth and expand on what makes that truth the only truth. You can catch, and catch up with him at DQM on 3rd St. Just ask for the manager.

What’s the biggest difference between working at a shop in Brooklyn and working at DQM in Manhattan?

The clientele for sure, the crowd out in Brooklyn is a bit younger, more little skate-rat kids trying to skate flat in the store driving you nuts all day. It’s cool though. I think most skateboarders of a certain age can relate to being that little kid at some point in their childhood. Manhattan gets a little more random as far as demographic is concerned, more people looking for exclusive shoes/clothing and whatnot.

Which non-DQM employee puts in the most time at the shop?

Hmmm, so far, it’s probably Zach Malfa Kowalski, he stops by on a daily basis. It’s rad to have friends coming in periodically during the day to shoot the shit.

What are you up to on your days off?

Usually skating. If the weather is shit or I’m not feeling it, I’ll spend my time out and about running errands or just walking around trying to get lost. I just moved to Fort Greene, so I’ve been rolling around there a bunch looking for new stuff to skate.

I guess Tompkins has to be mentioned as well. I’ve spent more than my fair share of days getting stuck at the T.F. 

What five items do you need to have with you on a daily basis?

A Yashica T4, Canon AE1, my board (weather permitting), phone, and my bag.

What’s the best part about working at DQM?

Best part is working with the homies. David is tight and Rob, Billy, and myself have known each other for quite a bit. Also, aside from the shop aspect of it, DQM as a brand is dope, simple, quality, good-looking clothes. Right up my alley.


1. DQM Mudsill Denim Shirt (Available at The General, 3rd St, and online.) - $92

2. Herschel Little America Bag (Available at DQM 3rd St.) - $85

3. DQM Jim Dine Chino Pant (Available at The General, 3rd St, and online.) - $79

4. Vans OTW Ludlow Ballistic (Available at DQM 3rd St and The General.) - $70

5. DQM Scrappers Tee (Available at The General, 3rd St, and online.) - $28

6. DQM Gaston Beanie (Available at The General, 3rd St, and online.) - $32

7. DQM Leather & Brass Keychain (Available at The General, 3rd St, and online.) - $20

8. DQM Dashboard Girls Calendar (Available at The General, 3rd St, and online.) - $8

9. Chocolate Gino Iannucci Deck (Available at DQM 3rd St.) - $50


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