Mofo Interview

April 30, 2012

Being able to work with the man that created some of the best issues of Thrasher Magazine that we all grew up studying and imitating is nothing short of a blessing. Mofo is truly an iconic individual and getting to know him and hear just a few of the stories behind his favorite photos was an amazing experience. It’s a history lesson on a subject that means more to most of us than just about anything else. Enjoy.

DQM New York

After the Pave The Way show ended, we approached you about creating a small t-shirt collection based around your photos and you immediately said that you had a few that came to mind. Had you always thought about using these particular photographs for a project like this?

No I hadn’t really, but when the opportunity presented itself, these images immediately came to mind.

What was it like cruising around with Natas? Was everything you guys were doing and shooting pre-calculated or just spontaneous skating?

Everything was ALWAYS spontaneous. I’d see a nice scenic shot of something, that had something to skate in front of it, then I’d tell him to come from a certain direction, fly up and hit a certain spot and do whatever, as long as he was facing me, and then we’d shoot.

DQM New York

What is the story behind the photo of Neil Blender?

I’d always wanted to shoot at that spot, the 24th Street and Mission BART station bricks. So I took Blender there to see just what we could come up with. So we’re shooting, and he’s blazing the shit out of the place thrusting frontsides and making the place look like it was made to skate.

Was he (Blender) someone that you could always count on for an amazing photo? Something innovative and different?

Yes he was. Always. He made stuff up out of nothing. The most imaginative skater I’d ever seen. At the 24th and Mission BART station, I’m standing there in front of the elevator, it suddenly opens up behind me, and there’s no one in it. I’d never, EVER seen that thing open before, nor since. So I jumped in, pushed the “doors open” button and told Blender to shoot the gap. That’s another one of my favorite shots.

DQM New York

The photo of Gonz has always stood out to me (and a lot of other people I’m sure) as such an iconic example of his style and personality, just anything at any time. Is that how you would say that particular shot came about?

Spontaneous as hell. Gonz is another creative genius. That shot was in Oregon, and in the midst of the contest, it started to rain. It’s raining in that shot actually. So everyone starts sliding around, doing crazy stuff. Then out of nowhere, here comes Gonz and he just kills it. I saw him setting up, and could tell by the expression on his face that he had a plan, so I just centered him in my frame and followed him, clicking off as he went into whoop-ass mode.

DQM New York



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