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Brian Lotti

October 25, 2011

Brian Lotti is a cool talker. I mean the way he talks, the way he pronounces things. He sounds like a little kid. A huge, happy, twelve year old man. It makes me smile when grown-ups sound like children. Brian’s skating makes me smile too. When he resurfaced again I bought a popsicle. I sat there and licked it and watched his footage. He did backside 360’s and I giggled. Then I went and jumped on a trampoline for a while. After that I played catch with my dad. I had some dinner and my mom read me a story about Maurice Richard until I fell asleep. It was my 25th birthday.

Brian continues to pop up every so often with just the right footage to make you feel like a grommet. He’s even wearing two different color shoes at one point. The last time I remember anyone doing that, people were skating in Pumas…


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