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February 23, 2012

Weather like this is always enough to make a man new to his thirties yearn for the youthful feelings of yesteryear. As I rode the train over the bridge and into the city this morning, I was naturally thinking about ditching work and going skating. But with deadlines on the horizon and bills to pay, I was left to daydream about life before responsibility, life in rewind. I began to catalog experiences and track them back to the video and the songs within that illustrated my life at the time. The video or specific part becomes a vessel for time travel back to the sights, sounds, and smells of pubescence. This is a semi autobiographical account of life resonating from five songs in various video parts (or the entire video).

Santa Cruz-Streets on Fire:
You used to be able to rent all the old skate videos from Blockbuster, so every Friday night, when my mom would hop in the conversion van and drive twenty minutes to rent the latest rom com, I’d tag along and hustle over to the sports section and pick up whatever out dated videos they had in stock. Streets on Fire was never in. I was always stuck with the movie Skateboard or the fail safe of Animal Chin, but on one special Friday in the late 80s, the guy that rented Streets on Fire and kept it for over a year decide it was time to let someone else enjoy the smooth sounds of Firehose, Screaming Lord Salba and Heavy Friends, and of course, Black Flag.


Gonz - Video Days:
I was a few years late in seeing it and had trouble grasping the concept because I was into 39 mm wheels, pressure flips and cross colors (mildly ashamed). I had just ordered my first “blank” and a Dinosaur Jr. shirt out of the latest issue of Thrasher and Video Days inspired me to tape a Walkman to my parents camcorder, fasten the headphones to the microphone, and routinely rewind songs to sync up with the start of a half mile long line consisting of only shuv-its. That’s how they did it right?


Koston - The Chocolate Tour
I was really into rap music at this point in my life. My friend had a system in his mini van and we would drive around the neighborhood listening to C Murder and Soulja Slim, stealing hood ornaments off of cars that were owned by our parents’ friends. I never did get that coveted gold Cadillac symbol to add to the thirty dollar chain I bought from the flea market.


Danny Way - DC Video:
The fact that Danny Way skated to Orion in this part actually has nothing to do with anything because I was hooked on Anti-Hero stuff at this point. My friend Paul built a mini ramp in his garage and we would just hang out in there all night, drinking beer and pretending that we were doing legitimate backside smith grinds. It was one of those “this is what you think you look like, this is what you actually look like” situations. Paul loved Metallica and like any other self-respecting man, had Master of Puppets on repeat for days at a time.


This one really gets me. I was at a party one time drinking underage and naturally the cops came. I was so enthralled in the mindset of The Sect that I didn’t even notice people jumping out windows to run. The fuzz came in hot and placed me in handcuffs. I laid face down on the floor smelling the carpet for the other three quarters of the video, listening to the music while John Law ran my I.D. and wrote me a citation for being in possession and under the influence of alcohol. It seemed like hours, but with the video only having a run time of just over thirty minutes, one can deduce that I was only subdued for about twenty. Thus I know every second of every song in that video. I even searched out the Japanese minimalist artist that Mr. Dibbs sampled in the Habitat section and I’m not going to tell you who it is because the search alone was a journey to enlightenment, much like the first push you’re about to take on this sixty degree day in February.



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