A Hurricane’s Coming This Way

September 01, 2010

A hurricane’s coming this way (Hurricane Earl packed winds near 140 mph as it blew toward North Carolina today, putting the Eastern Seaboard up to Maine on alert for a Labor Day weekend pounding by waves, gales and rain) and I’m hoping it’s got Fall with it. Fall is in my opinion the best season for riding skateboards.

http://www.dqmnewyork.com/images/news_uploads/The moisture leaves my major joints and my pants don’t smell like bum piss after a normal day’s wear. Skateboard riding is a pretty organic activity so the surrounding colors of changing foliage and setting sun make for a real emotional soul session. Not to mention the fact that the birds have some clothing on so a man can actually concentrate on the task at hand.
Anyway, I’ve compiled a few videos off of the Internet that fuel my desire to roll my ankles more often in the months following summer. It may be because the video came out in November, or the guy’s wearing a sweatshirt, or I listened to the song in the Fall once, or there’s a clip in a city that has seasons (sorry L.A. you lose again), or it’s the Habitat video, or maybe the dude is just a fucking hippie and hippies make me think of Fall, who knows…

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