10 Years of Vans Vault

August 01, 2013

Ten years is a long time to be completely on top of one’s game. For Vans Vault, the tally of great concepts and projects that have been accomplished over the past decade is immense and inspiring. DQM and The Vans DQM General are proud to have supported and showcased Vans’ top tier collection since it’s beginning. A huge congratulations to Vans Vault and the entire Vans team - ten more is looking strong!

The Vans DQM General

The Vans DQM General

Interview with DQM & The Vans DQM General owner and founder Chris Keeffe -

How would you define the changes in fashion and sneakers over the last 10 years?

It has changed a lot. On the surface, fashion is fashion, things come and go: trends, how tight your pants are and what you wear on your feet are obviously cyclical. When it comes to Vans, the word ‘transcend’ comes to mind, because they’ve been the best at what they do for such a long time now that the brand not only transcends fashion trends, but it’s begun to transcend whole generations.

What Vans Vault has done is really push the boundaries of not only what classic Vans are, but what skate and sneakers mean to people – it has expanded the aesthetic environment of Vans, and sneakers in general, and in doing so has allowed us punk skater kids to grow up.

What has been your favorite Vault collaboration?
A recent ones that come to mind is the Filson collab. Being a fan of Filson clothing and their attention to quality and detail, I really appreciated how their fabrics and aesthetic just seamlessly melded so well together with Vault.

What has Vault meant to your store and those who shop there?

Vault has meant a great deal to both DQM and now The General stores because it sets a standard, from quality of materials and construction to how it is presented and the story that it tells. Vault is also a very special product and it’s been something that our fashion or design-conscious customer really appreciates being available. I think Vault also gives a point of difference, not only to other Vans shoes but to other footwear brands we carry, because it introduces our customers quite directly to some of the companies that manufacture the materials that are used for shoes, for example, Filson, Knoll and Horween which have been used in collaboration.

Do local influences dictate the product that you carry?

New York is a fashion-centric city, and local trends do inform (but I wouldn’t say dictate) the Vault styles that I buy. Having said that, I do feel lucky as a buyer in New York, because New Yorkers will take some pretty big risks – my customers will be down to rock the more interesting or fashion-forward styles that maybe some people in other cities wouldn’t, which is always cool to see.

The Vans DQM General Horween x Vans Vault

The Vans DQM General Filson x Vans Vault

The Vans DQM General Diemme x Vans Vault

The Vans DQM General Diemme x Vans Vault

The Vans DQM General Brooks England x Vans Vault

The Vans DQM General Harris Tweed x Vans Vault

The Vans DQM General Disney x Vans Vault

The Vans DQM General Taka Hayashi for Vans Vault Apparel

The Vans DQM General Pendleton x Taka Hayashi for Vans Vault

The Vans DQM General Billykirk x Vans Vault

The Vans DQM General MLB (Yankees) x Vans Vault

The Vans DQM General Vans Vault OG Era & Sk8-Hi LX

The Vans DQM General Robert Williams for DQM x Vans Vault

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