Mofo for DQM T-Shirts

April 23, 2012

DQM has released three new t-shirts featuring photography by Thrasher Magazine pioneer Mofo, the magazine’s first photo editor and graphic designer. The true creative force behind the early Thrasher look, feel and voice, Mofo’s philosophy of studying everything that everyone else was doing, and then throwing it out the window and doing it his own way, painted the picture for how skateboarding was to be viewed for decades to come.

The t-shirts feature three of the most iconic skaters in skateboarding history: Neil Blender shot in San Francisco, Mark Gonzales in Willamette Oregon in 1985, and Natas Kaupas shot in San Francisco in 1988. The t-shirts are produced in a limited run and are available now at our Bowery store, The Vans DQM General and in the online store. Framed prints of Mofo’s photography are currently on display and available for sale in store at The General.

DQM New York

DQM New York Mofo for DQM - Mark Gonzales - $36

DQM New York Mofo for DQM - Natas Kaupas - $36

DQM New York Mofo for DQM - Neil Blender - $36

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