Downtime With Brian Delatorre

January 17, 2012

Brian Delatorre is a skate rat, DQM team rider, and more importantly, a very close friend. He recently had to take a few months off from skitching cabs to fix a bum ankle, so we figured this might a good time to get him to sit down and answer a few questions about life on the mend, skating rooftops and the road back to New York City. Enjoy!

Brian Delatorre, Photo: Aaron Joseph

That Skateboarder Magazine cover is pure insanity, what’s the story behind that?

That photo was initially going to be in this other magazine that had nothing to do with skateboarding I believe, not really sure. Anyway, the concept of the article was going to be rooftops in NY. Andrew Peters, the photographer, and my homie from Australia knew a couple of people who let us skate their roofs for a bit. The first one we went to was the one on the cover. We got up there and like any other rooftop in NY there’s usually a bank on the edge of the buildings. This one was steeper than the banks I usually see. Right out of the gate I started doing frontside ollies. As Andrew was setting up I was thinking, what if I kicked out? Eight story’s down, could’ve easily merked some one down there. I’m glad I didn’t try flipping my board, ‘cause that’s definitely what would’ve happened. If anything, I was more scared for Andrew, he was really hanging off the edge. I’m glad no one fell off a building that day.

So after you guys got that photo, you just decided to call it and get your ankle fixed up?

After that I kept skating, kind of taking it easy due to my shitty ankles. Two months flew by, Autumn came and I was rolling my right ankle more then usual, so I said fuck it, this doesn’t feel right, there’s no stability, and I haven’t been able to skate comfortably in a year. I decided to fly back home to Florida for a bit to get an MRI and try to figure it out what was wrong. The results came back and I had two torn ligaments on the outside and a partial tear inside of my ankle. I figured if I wanted to skate for a long time that I should get this fixed. 

What exactly happened? 

Just rolling it throughout the years. The last roll, I was in NY doing a flat ground kickflip. It’s what happens when you prolong anything.

I’d like to think that every skateboarder is pretty stubborn, getting hurt and saying to our selves ‘If I can walk I can skate’. So to all you kiddies out there, don’t procrastinate, get that shit taken care of when you’re young.

Judging from all this Instagram activity you’ve got going on, I’d have to say that you are the proud owner of an iPhone, was it a huge adjustment from that little George Forman grill phone you were using before?

Haha yeah, I had to do it man. Everything is just easier with an iPhone. It’s definitely an adjustment; it has its pros and cons like everything else in life. Pros for instance; being mobile and being able to take care of your business on the go, or just plain sharing photos with your homies from all over the world. Cons; falling victim to technology, now don’t get me wrong, all of that is inevitable. It’s only going to get bigger and we’re always thriving for more; the new iPhone, new this, new that, but in my opinion, all of this slowly but surely is taking away from our basic interactions with other humans. I was at dinner the other night with some friends, and was looking around at everyone on their phones checking their Facebook walls or Instagram etc. I mean I fall right into this category of “victim to technology”, but there is definitely a fine line. As human beings on this earth, we need to not lose sight of our roots. I just feel it’s easier these days to lose touch with all of this due to people’s consumption of technology. I mean do you honestly need an iPhone and an iPad at the same time? Come on people. Find a happy medium.

What have you been doing with all this time off?

A lot of family time mainly, or chilling out with my homies, playing music, fishing in the Everglades, and hanging out at the beach, swimming. Been really working hard on my physical therapy. I’m trying to come back 110 percent.

What’s your daily routine like down there?

On the weekdays I spend a lot of my time in the burbs where my parents live. It’s about thirty minutes outside of downtown Miami Beach. Time in the suburbs goes real slow. Monday through Thursday I’m usually just reading and eating a lot. I started watching this T.V. show online called Breaking Bad; I’ve really taken a liking to it. I’ve been applying myself and playing the guitar more too, riding a bike around, doing my physical therapy.  It’s just super mellow down here for the most part. On the weekends I’m at the beach, staying with my homies Paul and Koki, hanging out, occasionally drinking some brews, and swimming in the ocean. I’ve been taking this whole injury really seriously and it’s actually helped me see things more clearly.

How has life changed now that you are a part of Habitat?

I can start by saying that I look at skateboarding as a career now. Also, I started looking at the business side, which I should’ve been doing ages ago but for some reason, I guess that didn’t really matter to me. I mean skating is my life not my job, but since I’ve been on Habitat I’ve been kind of looking at it as a job, an extremely fun and at times stressful job. I can’t complain though, I get to travel and skate with some pretty inspiring people, people I looked up to when I was younger. I have the utmost respect for all skaters that have this so called “job”. 

Does Joe (Castrucci) call you a lot to check in on you?

Nah he’s got his life in Ohio, I don’t really talk to him that much. If anything Brennan Conroy, the TM hits me up at least once or twice a month just to check on things. If they were ever gonna give a TM a pro board that dude should get it. Fool’s on point.

Was he bummed that you got a hair cut?

Hahaha nah, he probably would’ve been bummed if I shaved it.

What’s the one thing that New York has to offer that you are craving on a daily basis?

The pure fact that I get from point A to B without setting foot in a Vehicle. Cruising in and out of cars. Or just plain pushing around. Shit’s like a playground, a very fast, active one.

First spot when you get back on the board?

Tompkins Square Park.

What’s the best part about riding for DQM?

Having great people work there, the apparel’s dope, having you as the TM. Big up Chris Keeffe!

When can we expect to see you back in NY? 

Actually I will be flying in on the 23rd to stay for a week for my birthday. See you next week son!


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Jared wrote…

don’t ever switch careers you are too dope and skateboarding would miss you too much

the skateboard world is psyched you have good sponsors so that you can spend your good years on the board

keep skating fast fluid and fun loved your MIA part and every part I’ve seen

peace and goodwill get well soon

Comment #1 posted on January 19, 2012 at 11:03 AM

Joseph wrote…

buying this dudes first board on habitat.  Needs to happen

Comment #2 posted on January 23, 2012 at 06:39 PM

Kris wrote…

Brian keep doing what your doing! Im very proud of you, you will see that things will pan out I guarantee it. FYI one of the best if not the best skateboarder ive ever seen in person. And top of that a super humble and respected individual from his hometown. Mad Love keep it up!!

Comment #3 posted on January 25, 2012 at 09:39 AM

Francisco wrote…

One of my firends painted her daughters’ room the color green that matched the same color in the pooh sets (she had a classic pooh crib bedding set) and her room is gorgeous!

Comment #4 posted on February 23, 2012 at 10:28 PM