Vans Spring Classics

Vans Spring Classics are in! Shoes you can feel your board in, I mean REALLY feel it. Every ollie, every crack, every 50-50 and every beer you spill on your foot. Sounds like a great time to me! Get them both in store and online now. Cheers!

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HUF Spring 11

HUF Spring line is in and coincidentally his last full part is following soon after in the Real video “Since Day One.”  Many of us here at DQM either grew up skating with him or gained inspiration watching him boost over just about everything. His brand is a direct result of his true devotion to skateboarding and the lifestyle that we all share. He’s been all over the world and skated everything in his path. Congratulations for a truly inspiring skateboarding career. HUF Spring is full speed and way over your head.

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New Spring Adidas

Spring ushers in an annual debate for many skateboarders which is; why DIDN’T Busenitz win Tampa Pro this year? I mean, he had the best run, the best style etc… However, this year he did win. So, we can all get back to other important topics like whether or not Dill was in fact wearing a blouse the other day or would Hamilton Harris have put his hands behind his back during that line in Eastern Exposure if no one was filming him and that Pete Eldridge has been “The Truth” for quite some time.

New Spring Adidas in the shop and online. Ronan “Pete Eldridge”, Busenitz, Skate in two colors, and Gonz Adi-ease.

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